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Pediatric Dentistry: Beautiful, Healthy Smiles Start at a Young Age

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The Dangers of Cavities in Childhood

An estimated 28 percent of children ages two to five get early childhood caries, or cavities. Cavities in baby teeth may seem relatively harmless, but without treatment they can actually affect the health of your child’s smile for the rest of their life. This happens when the infection that causes a cavity is given time to spread and affect other areas of the mouth. At Traverse Dental, our doctors believe that proper dental care should start early for your child to enjoy a beautiful smile well into adulthood. As graduates from the University of Michigan Dental School and members of the American Dental Association, each our doctors is uniquely trained and qualified to provide you and your child with the best quality care.

Creating Healthy Habits for Happy Smiles

Dental care and oral health start even before the first tooth has erupted from the gums. By creating positive dental health habits at an early age, we can help your child keep their smile happy and healthy throughout their lifetime. Scheduling routine dental cleanings with our doctors ensures that we are keeping an eye on their development, and allows us to check for concerns that could create complications down the road, such as bite misalignments or early signs of infection that could indicate cavities or gum disease that would put their smile at risk.

Comprehensive Services

For more complex situations, we also offer:

  • Root Canals – When the pulp of an adult tooth becomes infected, the health of the entire mouth is put at risk. Losing a tooth too early from infection or decay can impact how your child chews, how their speech develops and the health of their smile. By performing a root canal, our doctors can restore health to the tooth and smile.
  • Frenectomy – There is a thin piece of tissue that connects the lip to the gums in between the top two front teeth. Sometimes, this piece of tissue can create a gap between the front teeth. If we notice a concern as your child’s smile develops, we can address it with a frenectomy to remove the tissue.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – When the wisdom teeth become impacted, or there is not enough room in the mouth to hold the extra teeth, our doctors can remove them. This protects the smile from infection or overcrowding.

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